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photo of the designer Eliane Sarah

Eliane Sarah - the creator of ‘Eliane Sarah London’ – the luxury and bespoke millinery and accessories brand. Having been trained at the world-famous Central Saint Martins, I decided to follow in the family tradition of art, craft, and apparel, and to design unique and innovative headpieces for the most discerning clients. Success quickly followed with the launch of my first millinery collection in 2011, after which I was featured in the Jewish press as a fresh and rising talent.

I am always conscious of my family’s heritage, and I believe I inherited my artistic talent from my late grandfather Moshe Perl, an artist and holocaust survivor, who utilised his gift of being able to draw and paint to survive the horrors of war. Being deeply inspired by his struggle, I made a vow that I would never squander my creative abilities.  

At Eliane Sarah London we source the very finest quality materials and turn them into exquisite headpieces, hairbands, bridal wear, as well as a wide range of soft accessories. We also manufacture home accessories and textiles to complement any elegant interior. In all our designs we relish using diverse textures, colour combinations, and effects in the most novel ways – novelty is the hallmark of the Eliane Sarah brand. 

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