Tis The Gift Guide 2020

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ Tra la la la la la la la la la la la la la....

Gifting season is upon us!

It’s a very different season this year. Without dwelling on the things we are missing out, lets focus on how we can share the good and make what we give long-lasting and memorable. I have picked some of the best pieces and gift boxes still available on

1- The 7 Piece Gift Box

This wonderful box features 7 hair accessories – 4 hairbands, 2 scrunchies, 1 hair pin. It’s £55 Saving you over £30 if you were to buy all the items separately. All of the pieces are individually packaged in the box, so can be opened in one go or spaced out over days of giving.

2- The 8 Nights of Chanukah Gift Box.

The gift that lasts someone through all the nights of Chanukah. 8 hair accessories 4 hairbands, 2 scrunchies and 2 hair pins. Yours or a gift for £58 Saving you over £30 if you were to buy all the items separately. Each item is individually packaged so can be opened all on one night or saved to be like the miracle of Chanukah and lasts 8 nights.

3- Headbands

There are many to choose from – here are our current bestsellers. Some of them definitely have a holiday feel to them, but can still be worn throughout the year. Prices range from £10.

4- Scrunchies

You can’t go wrong with a scrunchie these days. They are hot items, don’t take up too much space, can also be worn on the wrist as a bracelet, and available in some lovely colours, fabrics and textures.

Moving to Interiors, Home Accessories and Home Décor, here are some gift ideas to brighten a space and remind people you’re thinking of them

5- The Rainbow cushion

Hand-embroidered on a beautiful plush velvet available in 4 colours. This cushion ties in with the 2020 theme of rainbows and gives a lovely warm feeling in the home, showing you care and are thinking about the person you are sending the gift too. There are also other hand-embroidered cushions with butterflies, flowers and bees. Prices from £50.

6- The Macrame Christmas ornaments

Stars and snowflakes. Don’t be fooled, these look great hung up all year round, not just on the Christmas tree. Prices from £5.

7- Macrame Tableware

Macrame round coasters with fringe-available in a range of colours and patterns. Prices from …. We also have some Table placemats and smaller tablemats to use under vases etc. They have been treated with a spray that stops a lots of liquid absorbing into the cotton cord. Although it may not be 100% effective, it can stop some absorption of spills and stains. From £7.

8- The mouse mat / mousepad

It’s called different things by different people, it can get confusing. 2020 became the year most of us worked from home, mostly from the dining room table. The wireless mouse has come in handy but doesn’t suit all home surfaces. This is practical and also colourful to brighten up your work day. It’s also one of the few areas that can also be a men’s gift (I will be working on gifting for the men in your life for 2021- I didn’t realise until recently how tough this area is)! 5 different designs. £9 each!

I have also added a gift wrap option, where you can also choose to send the item to a different address. Fill out all the information and add it to the basket. The service costs £4.50 and includes a message on a tag. We will contact you to confirm your address and the address and person you want to send it to. We have a gold and silver check wrapping paper, and a metallic gift tag.

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of the picks my small business can offer you.

Stay safe,


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