I design hats, headpieces, bridal pieces, hairbands, other soft accessories, home soft accessories and textiles.

A twist to the hairband that everyone is
A twist to the hairband that everyone is

Black felt beret with knot bow
... Black felt beret with knot bow

Sierra ruffled hairband
Sierra ruffled hairband

A twist to the hairband that everyone is
A twist to the hairband that everyone is


A few things about me

  1. Born and bred in London, UK.

  2. At school, I would always doodle on my books. I still doodle on everything…

  3. I inherited my artistic talent from my grandfather. I may possibly be his only grandchild to have been given this talent. It means a lot to me: My grandfather – a holocaust survivor – survived because he was an artist, because he had the ability to draw and paint. From the day I realised this was something quite significant, I made a vow to use my talent so it wouldn’t be forgotten.

  4. I love colour! Any colour, bright, pastel, metallic… I will find a way to make it work together.

  5. After designing my first millinery collection, a journalist described me as ‘precociously talented’. It’s not often that precocious is so positive and I have tried to live up to it!

  6. I’m extremely proud to be living in Britain, with such a rich heritage of craft and industry. The majority of materials I use are carefully sourced in the UK, and preserving the art and production of British Design.

  7. I let everything inspire me. Something as mundane as cracks in a concrete slab can turn into a series of folds or pleats in a fabric. Or the colours of autumn leaves will become next years winter collection colours, or a red grapefruit in a purple bowl.

  8. Forever growing and learning new things.

My busiest season starts in April and ends in October, which with the current situation in 2020 has almost all been halted. So here I am onwards and upwards, working on smaller designer pieces that everyone can enjoy. Check out my online shop here for my designs and creations.